My name is David Visschedyk, and I'm going to cycle across Canada for children's cancer charities.

When I was eight years old I was diagnosed with osteogenic sarcoma, the same type of cancer that Terry Fox had and, like Terry, my right leg was subsequently amputated.

Eighteen years later, however, I have been pronounced 'cured' by doctors and have worked diligently to put cancer behind me.

While watching Lance Armstrong for the better part of the past decade, I developed a growing interest in the sport of cycling and an appreciation for the determination and desire that it demands from the participants involved. A low-impact activity that reduces stress on my amputated leg, cycling has quickly become a favorite past-time of mine and the very activity I'm looking to utilize in order to benefit another personal passion, the awareness and funding involved in the fight against cancer.

Over the past summer, with Lance Armstrong winning his seventh Tour de France and the 25th anniversary of Terry Fox's historic run across Canada, I felt a sudden call to action. Personally, I may never have the opportunity to raise money for cancer on a large scale such as this, as well as challenge myself at the same time.

In keeping with that, I decided to establish CanadaWide for Cancer, a non-profit event designed to raise funds and create awareness for the James Fund for Neuroblastoma Research.

My hopes are that, with public support and personal dedication, I can complete the trek I've developed and succeed in generating much-needed funding for a worthy childhood cancer charity.

I hope you can join me along the way!

- David Visschedyk


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