Friday, June 30, 2006

I'm excited. Tomorrow is the start of the Tour de France. I'm picking Floyd Landis to win, though I hope George Hincapie does, since I have a signed photo of his at my place. I guess the other cycling related event that's happening tomorrow is the start of my ride!

I won't wax poetically about it, but I'm getting excited. A little less then eleven months ago I thought of doing this ride, and since then the ride seemed pretty far away. Now it's less than twelve hours away. It will be good to be started and just have to focus on the riding everyday. Ultimately, it's a pretty great way to spend my summer!

One great surprise so far is that my Mom flew out to see me off. It's great to see her, and it was a big surprise to me (though apparently everyone else knew it was happening). After tomorrow I won't see her until Toronto so it was great for her to fly out.

Sleeping in Vancouver

Thursday, June 29, 2006

I'm back in Vancouver, staying at the Bayshore Westin. It's a beautiful hotel on the water and it is one more thing telling me that I am really close to starting this ride.

I didn't have a chance to write yesterday. I rode in the morning and drove to Victoria to see my friends Mary-Lue and Pete and their two great kids. It was a great time. They have a beautiful house (if you knew them, you wouldn't find that surprising) and I got to get my picture taken at Mile 0 of the Trans-Canada highway. There is also a Terry Fox statute there, which is pretty awe inspiring. I'm looking forward to seeing the Terry Fox monument outside Thunder Bay.

Today I took the ferry into Vancouver and saw Timothy and our home for the next two months. He picked up the RV this morning, and it looks great. It's been 'wrapped' like a city bus, so that there is a lot of advertising for my ride on it. It looks great, but it makes it harder to cut people off, since they can email me complaint letters!

I'll write more tomorrow, my last day off until the ride starts!

Walking the Mountains

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Still in Nanaimo BC, I was riding today and got my second flat of training. The problem was that I was climbing the 'hill' I mentioned yesterday. So I had to walk up the hill and then back down another side to find the nearest gas station. Home Hardware has been nice enough to offer to get me a pump to attach to my bike, but I haven't got it yet. The comments yesterday about how my new shoes were great are still true, but they are terrible for walking. So it wasn't a fun walk.

I got my tire fixed. I think I simply rolled over some glass or something. I did the climbs again and this time paid attention to the distance. The far side of the hill was 5.4km and the shorter side was 2.6 km. I also did some very steep but short hills today. Hills never seem that steep when you see them in the distance, but they certainly do when you're climbing them.

Luke and I got 99 cent chocolate milk shakes at Burger King. If anyone likes milk shakes, these are pretty good. I ended up getting two, but I think that might have been too much as my stomach isn't feeling great right now. But, how can you say no to cheap milkshakes?

Two more days on the island than I'm back to Vancouver for the final push before leaving on Saturday. If anyone is interested, there is an event on Canada Day at 10:30am at the Planetarium at UBC. You can email me for more information.

Ride today: a bunch of KM and one big hill and a flat

Hitting the Mountains

Monday, June 26, 2006

I'm in Nanaimo BC, staying with my friend Luke. The country out here is absolutely beautiful, and there are a lot of mountains. For those who don't know, I'm worried about the mountains.

Today I rode up some major hills. I won't call them mountains because there were bigger ones around, but without roads going up them. The nice thing about the hill I climbed was there was a big shoulder on the road, and the grade wasn't too steep. The ride took a while because it was a big hill, but it actually wasn't a problem. Sidi, a shoe company, sponsored me, and the difference between my old cycling shoes and these were amazing. My old shoes had a little give (for those who don't know, cycling shoes are inflexible, so that you don't lose power by the shoe flexing) and these new shoes are rock solid. Riding up a big hill is much easier when you get your maximum power.

Less than a week until I start my cross-country journey. I'm getting pretty excited. Stay tuned.

Ride today: a bunch of KM and one big hill

Riding with my friends

Monday, May 29, 2006

Today the TTC in Toronto went on strike. Therefore, I was able to ride with a lot of people today. It turned out to be the hottest day of the year today, so not everyone was as excited to be on a bike as I was. That said, a lot of people seemed to enjoy being outside and getting a little exercise before having to sit inside all day.

My ride across Canada will have a lot of tough days, but I have to remember how lucky I am to be outside enjoying the weather and enjoying what a beautiful country I live in. Even when it feels like it's 44 celcus out there, I'm doing something I love.

Ride today: 52.8km

Cycling is a Job: A great job, but a job nonetheless

Wednesday, May 15, 2006

Today I woke up at 5:30 to be on my bike by 6.  It took a little longer than I hoped, but soon I was outside riding.  For some reason, I just wasn’t into it today. I assumed this was going to be the case throughout my ride, so I kept at it.  I ended up feeling better by the end of the ride, but it was a struggle to keep going.  I’m sure it’s going to continue to be difficult on certain days to be motivated to ride.  Just keep going I guess is the answer.

Ride today: 95.8km


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